Data-Centric Microservices Accelerator

Speed Without Compromise

What’s the challenge?

CTOs & IT Professionals face ever-increasing end-user demand combined with constant pressures for regulatory compliance, accelerated time to market and a drive to deliver “more for less”.

Textbook innovations and trends


Reality of a downward spiral

About DCMA …

Pytilia’s Data-Centric Microservices Accelerator (DCMA) delivers the next step change in productivity for enterprise software development – speed without compromise

DCMA combines the best of: 

To deliver key benefits including:

Coins outline

Run with solid fill

Gavel with solid fill

Reduced cost to own and operate

Faster time to market

Improved Regulatory compliance

Making MACH Work

Generating business value from data is key. 

A MACH service architecture provides the best practice approach to source, enrich & deliver data to consuming systems. The question is how to do these core data-centric microservices right and do them fast –  that’s what we call speed without compromise and it’s what DCMA delivers.

Delivering MACH

Speed without Compromise

DCMA is a platform to quickly deliver business value with data-centric microservices and simplify the full application lifecycle across Build, Deploy & Operate phases.

Differentiate by allowing skilled developers to focus on adding value

Connect via open interfaces, plugging into UI, Workflow or Analytics tools

Manage the full application lifecycle across Build, Deploy & Operate phases

Accelerate with commodity/reusable components available out-of-the-box

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