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Pytilia’s Data Centric Microservices Accelerator (DCMA) delivers the next step change in productivity for enterprise software development

Who we are

We advise, strategise, design and build software solutions from the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

We’re a tight-knit team with deep expertise in enterprise software and IT infrastructure, passionate about solving complex challenges at scale. With a strong track record in multi-site development, we deliver quality products globally, offering full-stack expertise from UX design to device driver development.

Our sectors

Where we work


Our wide financial services experience enables us both to distil your requirements and build the right application to the right timescale. Our developers combine deep technical expertise with a keen awareness of the broader context of their work including infosec, deployment, compliance, auditing, integration, usability and support requirements.


From bioinformatics to care records and results management, we drive digital transformation and improve performance, embracing new technologies. We look for solutions that enable improved patient care across the healthcare and life sciences domains..


Our team have extensive experience of building IT and communications infrastructure across telecoms, networking, storage, compute and security domains. Prior work has ranged from development of network orchestration and monitoring applications to low-level performance optimisations, deployed in on-premises, public cloud and hybrid configurations.

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We cultivate trust, autonomy, and robust support within companies. Embark on a collaborative journey where we seamlessly integrate into your team, delivering exceptional results together. Let’s elevate your business!

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Explore exciting professional opportunities with us. Whether you’re bringing ideas to life or seeking a new challenge, let’s embark on this journey together. Check out our open vacancies to get started.